As Speech-Language Pathologists in Phoenix, we work hard, we are highly-trained, and we love what we do. Unfortunately our pay doesn’t always reflect that.  

Coronado Speech-Language Pathology offers SLPs in the Phoenix area a solution: the opportunity to work in a job you love, while receiving the pay that matches your educational level, your expertise, and your hard work.



We offer an increased salary to our Speech-Language Pathologists, so that you can love your job while living a balanced life. Contract positions are typically 180 work days within a 9 month work schedule, with holidays and summers free.  

We can provide as much (or as little) mentoring support that you may need. We are there to provide a listening ear, or give suggestions and advice about your caseload.  

Coronado Speech-Language Pathology is SLP-owned.  Let’s talk today about how we can work together for a quality work/life balance.